The Department of Transportation of the Philippines distributed “New Guidelines for the Processing of Returning Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFW) Effective 01 Feb 2021” on its Facebook page.

The Task Group on the Management of Returning Overseas Filipinos (TG-MROF) has given new bit by bit rules to help the protected return of OFWs to their particular main residences after the consummation of the security conventions.


Following are the steps to follow:

  1. While abroad, seafarers can register online thru and secure your QR Code.
  2. The Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) will collect the completed health declaration form from all passengers, and evaluate arriving seafarers for any signs of COVID related infection
  3. Briefing on health and safety protocols upon arrival will be provided at NAIA by Philippine Coast Guard. OWWA Project Care Form to be completed.
  4. Proceed to the Bureau of Immigration for clearance before retrieval of luggage(s).
  5. Seafarers can then proceed to the MARINA Help Desk to submit the Project Care Form.
  6. For sea-based OFWs, your Local Manning Agency (LMA) will arrange for your hotel accommodation/quarantine facility. Note that your date of arrival is Day 1.
  7. Board designated OWWA buses to your assigned quarantine facilities/hotels and observe strict quarantine procedures while there.
  8. On Day 6, Philippine Coast Guard will conduct the RT-PCR swab test at the hotel/quarantine facility. Continue observing strict quarantine procedures while waiting for results.
  9. After obtaining a negative RT-PCR test result online, a Bureau of Quarantine Health Certificate indicating the actual number of days on quarantine will be provided.
  10. Wait for advice and prepare to leave the hotel using your LMA arranged transportation to PITX or NAIA Terminal 2.
  11. For :
    1. Luzon-bound passengers, proceed to PITX in Paranaque for processing.
    2. Visayas and Mindanao-bound, including Palawan, proceed to NAIA PAL Terminal 2 for processing.
  12. Fill-out the necessary forms and follow further instructions until the boarding announcement.
  13. Upon arrival at the airport of destination, report to RTF/PTF/OWWA Station or LGU for accounting and instructions.
  14. RTF/PTF or LGU will provide free transportation to LGU of final destination.
  15. Complete the remainder of your quarantine (total of 14 days) at the city/municipal/barangay quarantine facility or at home if permitted by your LGU.
  16. Once released from quarantine by LGU, continue to observe minimum health standards like wearing of face mask, maintaining physical distance, and washing of hands. Also, always keep your immune system high by having enough sleep, eating the correct food, and doing regular physical exercise.

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